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What You Need to Know About Cloud Chasing and Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm vaping is a big thing in the vaping industry, with more vapers looking to try it. Although Sub-ohm vaping is more complicated and costs more than regular vaping kits, this has not deterred people from trying it. Vapers who enjoy chasing large clouds of vapor enjoy Sub-ohm vaping because it offers some of the biggest clouds. Most people who are new to vaping are always curious as to how vapers produce massive clouds. Many have tried and failed with regular vaping kits. One of the things you have to remember about vaping is that there is so much to learn. You need the right kit to be able to produce those clouds that cause attention.

One of the reasons why cloud chasing enthusiasts are turning to Sub-ohm vaping is its ability to produce huge and flavorful clouds of vapor. When it comes to clouds, Sub-ohm vaping has the upper hand to regular vaping by all standards. Wotofo has top-notch sub-ohm vaping tanks.

Sub-ohm vaping tanks produce massive clouds because they perform higher due to the size of the wicks and coils. Sub-ohm vaping gets hotter than regular vaping kits because the coils and wick help it get way hotter than normal vape pens. This heat helps burn more vape juice, which in turn produce dense clouds. Sub-ohm vaping devices also have more airflow, which contributes significantly to the size of the clouds it produces. Regular vaping tanks do not have as much airflow holes as Sub-ohm tanks. As a rule, most cloud chasers use Sub-ohm tanks to achieve those massive clouds.

Another reason for the huge clouds that vapers get from Sub-ohm devices it the type of vape juice blend they use. Due to the heat of sub-ohm devices, it is advisable that vapers use e-liquids that contain blends with higher levels of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) as opposed to Propylene Glycol (PG). This type of vape juice usually contains about 70 percent of VG and above to work optimally with Sub-ohm devices. The science behind this choice is that vape juice blends that contain higher levels of VG are thicker. This density comes in handy when the Sub-ohm devices get heated. The thicker the vape juice, the less it burns. And most vaping enthusiasts know that e-liquids that contain large amounts of VG produce bigger clouds of vapor.

The clouds that you get from Sub-ohm vaping also tend to be warm besides being massive. The warmth of the clouds of vapor that comes from Sub-ohm devices is another reason why cloud chasers love it. The heat that Sub-ohm vaping devices produce is the main reason behind the thick clouds. You do not have to worry about hurting your lips from the heat of the Sub-ohm vaping devices.

It is important for people looking to try sub-ohm vaping to follow the rules. There are a lot of instructions that are listed by manufacturers. These guidelines are meant for the safety of the vapers. And for the device to work optimally. Sub-ohm vaping devices are powerful and could be dangerous, even post health risks, if the instructions are not followed properly. With that said, feel free to perform vape tricks and have fun vaping.