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V2Pro Vaporizer Review – A Smooth, Light Vaping Experience

We’re fond of vaporizers at Chip Chick, as we happily embrace new technology AND anything that can add to our quality of life. Vapes not only let you inhale smoke free, but can also make the smoke/vape experience far more enjoyable. But, with so many now on offer, how do you know which one would work for you?

Today we break down our experience with the V2 Pro Series 3 vaporizer.

What’s in the box?

The box is nicely sealed, snugly fitting the vape, its USB adapter and charger and the different attachments. It looks very sleek nestling there, looking like some space age product rather than a vape, and it has three colorways—silver, black, and blue. The vape is light to hold, weighing in at 54 g, and has a 650 mAh battery.

The charging process

It’s extremely simple to set up this vape. All the parts screw together simply, and it’s easy to take apart to adjust the different heads. I liked the magnetic charger, as it snaps firmly in place and glows to alert you when you’re connected to a USB port.

When charging, lights around the base of the V2 Pro glow orange and when you have a full charge they stop flashing. Once you have filled the tank you’re attaching to your vape with your chosen product (e-liquid/ loose leaf) you then press the button and wait for it to heat up. You can’t preset temperatures, as the range is 160°C – 180°C, but this is adequate for heating your product and giving you a smooth, consistent amount of vapor.

The vape experience:

One of the best things about this vape is the amount of options it gives you. Hey, it’s called 3-in-1 for a reason! Whether you want loose leaf or liquid, it’s simple to change the included tank cartridges and V2 will even supply you with liquid tobacco should you wish it. The heads are easy to fill, simply unscrew and then fill, though it can be a little fiddly to remove all of the product from the loose leaf tip. The third option is wax/concentrate and the extra tank should be out later this year.

Once charged, you inhale slowly and get a smooth mouthful of vapor. It’s light and not too harsh on the throat. I’ve tried other vapes that provide a headier amount of vapor, but this was a lighter taste, more of a slow drag than being overwhelmed with extra vapor. The vape switches off after two minutes as a safety feature, which is nice, and though it’s not the biggest vape around, the price-point and the experience are both top-notch.

The verdict:

A smooth vaping experience that is easy to set up. Love the amount of options and ways to use it.

The good: Easy to change from liquid to loose leaf, very light and portable

The bad: Annoying to clean out loose leaf product, moderate amount of vapor created, could be headier, would like a carry case

$69.99 from V2 Cigs