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Tance Pod Kit by Eleaf Review

The Eleaf Tance is a small and easy to use pod device, just like the Smok Nord or the Aspire AVP. It is more advanced that the JUUL because the cartridge is refillable. Also, you can use the device to vape both freebase nicotine and nic salts e-liquids. The Tance is recommended for people who are trying to quit smoking and start vaping. It gives you the same kind of restricted draw that you get from a cigarette. The Tance would also appeal to experienced vapers who want a basic vape kit to use on-the-go.

The Eleaf Tance is a compact device. It measures 14mm by 24mm by 95.5mm. Like most pod devices, the Eleaf Tance is composed of two main parts; the battery and the cartridge. The device is available with six different colorful finishes, namely Scarlet, Black Streak, Macaron, White Streak, Black, and Star.

Eleaf Tance Battery

The Tance comes with a non-removable 580mAh battery which can last you for a whole day if you are not chain vaping. The battery charges up pretty quickly using the micro type-C USB cable that is included in the package. This Eleaf device does not support pass-through, so it is not safe to vape while it is plugged in and charging. The Tance gives you consistent, flavorful hits with every puff. The cloud production of this device is pretty remarkable. This is not the kind of kit to take to cloud chasing competitions, but it will give you a mouthful of thick clouds.

The Eleaf Tance has a maximum wattage output of 10W. The resistance range of this device is 0.3 ohm to 3 ohms. There is no button on the Tance. It is draw-activated. The device comes with a 15-second timeout and other protective features like overcharging protection, short circuit protection, over-discharging protection, and overcurrent protection. Although the Tance does not have any button, there is an LED strip on the body, which serves as the battery life indicator. When you take a puff, the light will flash green when the battery level is between 100 percent and 20 percent. Once it goes below 20 percent, the light will turn red to remind you to recharge.

Eleaf Tance Cartridge

The Eleaf Tance cartridge has a duck-billed mouthpiece which is very comfortable to use. It can hold up to 2ml of e-juice and comes with a 1.2 ohm Ni-Cr alloy coil. The cartridge is connected to the battery section of the Tance with a secure magnetic system. To refill the cartridge, you need to pull it out and turn it upside down. Press the tip of your bottle into the refilling hole and pour your e-juice into it.

There are two 1.6mm airflow holes on the upper section of the battery compartment. The air travels in, enters the cartridge and goes up through the mouthpiece when you take a draw. It should go without saying that the Eleaf Tance is only good for mouth-to-lung vaping. It is nearly impossible to vape direct lung style with this device.

The Eleaf Tance feels sleek, and it performs beautifully. You can get this pod kit from the Eleaf World vape shop for about $23.19 to $27.60. A pack of five replacement cartridges are going for around $14.50 to $17.25.