Sherlock Mini Glass Pipe Review

Sherlock Mini Glass Pipe Review

The Sherlock pipe is a classic, and for a reason. Ever wondered why they are called “Sherlock” pipes? 

If the first thing that came to your mind is the famous Sherlock Holmes, then you are on the right track. The Sherlock pipe gets its name and design from Sherlock Holmes and the hand pipe he smoked from, making it perfect if you want to add a bit of character while you smoke. 

There are tons of Sherlock pipes out there, from the classic Sherlock wood pipe to the Sherlock Glass pipe. The question is finding the right one to fit your own needs.

One of the popular versions of the Sherlock pipe is the glass version. This is because of the advantages that glass pipes have over other versions like the wooden pipes. Sherlock Mini Glass Pipe Review

About The Sherlock Glass Pipe 

This version of the popular Sherlock pipe is made of smooth and clear glass which is handcrafted from laboratory-grade borosilicate glass, one of the most durable materials you can get your pipes in. The pipe features a large bowl with a built-in ash catcher and an arched stem. Overall, the pipe measures approximately 3.5inches long, making it one of the mini Sherlock glass pipes available on the market. It also means that you will not have a hard time carrying it around or discreetly slipping it into your pocket if the need arises.

You can also get it in as many colors as it is available depending on whatever your style preference may be. You can choose from Onyx, Amethyst, Rose, Emerald, and Spruce.

Advantages of the Glass Pipe

While you might still be thinking about getting the classic wooden Sherlock pipes, here are some things you should know that would make you want to consider the glass version even more.

  • Convenience: Since the pipes are made of glass, and glass does not heat up while you smoke, you get to enjoy smoking with glass pipes more. Cleaning them is also very easy. You just need to dip the pipe in isopropyl alcohol and let it sit until it is completely clean (usually overnight).
  • Easy to use: You do not need an instruction manual to get started with a glass pipe, and once you get the hang of this style of pipe, you would be vaping just like Sherlock Holmes every time you pick it up.
  • Better Taste: When you smoke with a glass pipe, you get to taste the flavor of the smoke without any additional flavor as you would get in wooden and metal pipes. This means that you will be able to better tell the difference between good herb from plain old rubbish.Sherlock Mini Glass Pipe Review
  • Character: Glass pipes get more interesting as time goes by. This is because most glass pipes are transparent, and while you use them, they get smokier. This subtly affects the colors of the glass giving it a more interesting feel when next you pick it up for a smoke.  

Disadvantages of the Glass Pipe

One major con about glass pipes is that they are prone to break, and their parts are not replaceable. 


While glass pipes are known for their expensive prices, this Sherlock Glass Pipe is conveniently priced at $6.99 on Atomic Dog Vapor. This affordable price is what Atomic Dog Vapor is well known for. Now you do not have to break the bank to enjoy a custom-made Sherlock glass pipe.


The Sherlock Glass Pipe is great for several reasons; It hits stronger, looks cooler, and in the end, they are more unique than regular glass pipes. So, if you are looking for a stylish way to enjoy your herb or tobacco, getting a Sherlock Glass Pipe should be on your bucket list.