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Ruthless Vapor Review.

The Ruthless Vapor line is a superb assortment of the best e-liquid. It has a variety of flavors that have been developed to appeal to every taste imaginable. Ruthless Vapor has a wide range of flavors, from Jungle Fever, which captures the flavor of citrus fruits, to Coffee Tobacco, which combines the two morning tastes that most satiate you. You will not have trouble finding an all-day vape in its sizable arsenal. Many of these vape juices are available in 60mL and even 120mL bottles so that you can indulge in these mouthwatering flavors for the foreseeable future. One of the best vaping experiences you will ever have is made possible by the flavors’ incredible complexity, some of the finest ingredients, and ideal ratios.

West Coast vape supply is confident that you will adore the incredible selection of products from Ruthless Vapor and its intriguing collection. It is a brand with a line of goods that is the ideal addition to your day.

Given the long history of the Ruthless Vapor brand in the vaping community, it is safe to say that vapers worldwide are familiar with its name. Ruthless Vapor has a wide variety of original flavor combinations, and each bottle of Ruthless E-Juice is made with ingredients of the highest quality.


Flavor Review

The flavor selection in this collection is out of this world, with a tasty variety that easily satisfies the palate and leaves you feeling satisfied. The collection includes the best flavors, as was already mentioned. Some of the collections are:

  • Slurricane: Ruthless Vapor’s Slurricane has a delicious flavor that combines papaya, peaches, guava, and a taste of menthol that lingers even after the experience. You are transported to a tropical paradise by the flavor entanglement from the very first puff to the very last. You will adore Slurricane if you do not mind a perplexing vape juice with the ideal flavors.
  • Swamp Thang: Ruthless Vapor’s Swamp Thang is a remarkable blend that replicates the flavor of tart apple hard candies. From inhale to exhale, you taste the deliciously crisp apple with an added candied taste, perfect for those who enjoy fruit and candy vape juice flavors. The flavor of this exquisite e-juice vapor lingers in the mouth, tantalizing the senses and luring you back for more.


Other flavors are Jungle Fever, Ez Duz It, Ez Duz It On Ice, Grape Drank, Grape Drank On Ice, Strizzy, Tropic Thunda, Pretzel Shack Yogurt Dunked, Pretzel Shack Cinnamon Coated, Skir Skirr On Ice, Antidote On Ice, Dulce De Tobacco, Coffee Tobacco, Brazilian Tobacco, Rage.

The names within the collection have won several awards, gained legendary status throughout the industry, and continue to be everyone’s favorite vapes.

About the Manufacturer

Ruthless Vapor, established in 2011, is regarded as an old hand in the vapor products industry. Ruthless Vapor produced and supplied the industry with the best vape juices before the vaping boom started. It quickly rose to fame among Southern Californians as a hero brand while continuing to dominate the market globally. It is a company with a strong advocacy presence that defends customers’ rights and consistently creates innovative, complex flavors that keep people chanting the Ruthless Vapor name. There is no better way to discover Ruthless Vapor and become a fan than to sample each of its expertly crafted vape juices. You definitely will not want to miss this opportunity.