Vaping Review

Puff Bars Disposable Vape

Puff bar disposable is one of the most affordable vaping options in terms of price and flexibility. The device is also one of the best options for those looking for a vape starter kit to help them quit smoking.


Puff Bar Features

Like other disposable vape devices, Puff bars come ready to use. Puff bars are pre-filled with e-liquid vape juice and pre-charged, so no initial setup is required. In addition, the puff bar disposable does not have buttons; placing the mouthpiece on the lips and inhaling activates the device and automatically turns it off after a short period of inactivity. The Puff Bar holds 1.4ml of vape juice and is powered by a 280mAh integrated battery, which generates approximately 400 puffs per device. All the essential components of the device are placed in a plastic case. One end of the electronic cigarette has two escape holes. This tip is marked with a small arrow indicating where the user should inhale the vapor. The exterior consists of the flavor, the nicotine level, and the puff logo on the other end of the arrow. The color of the Puff Bar matches the pods, for example, yellow for pineapple lemonade. Puff bar disposables have no removable parts. The device is intended for one-time use only.

Puff Bar Disposable Design

The Puff bar has a bar-shaped design, unlike other cylindrical disposable vapes. This device is one of the market’s most discreet and pocket-friendly vaping options.
Of course, some users might prefer a larger device or a rounded design, but the Puff bar disposable is the best alternative if you prefer discretion.


Puff Bar Disposable Flavors

The Puff bar range on West Coast Vape Supply is quality instead of quantity. The product has a few collections, but the manufacturer focused on quality and cleaner flavors, which are more clearly defined and less sweet. The flavor profile encompasses a blend of tropical pineapples, tropical tangerine, strawberries, and soothing lemonade. Some of the typical puff bar flavors include;

  • Tangerine ice
  • Strawberry banana
  • Pineapple lemonade

Puff Bar Disposable Performance


The Puff Bar is a mouth-to-lung device that delivers delicious vapor. The vapor production is quick, and the device does not lag. It is easy to get vapor from the device. However, it is necessary to keep in mind the taste of each of the flavors.

Bottom Line

Puff bar disposable is one of the most affordable vapes on the market. Although it cannot stand up for heavy hitters, the puff bar is a perfect beginner vape kit. While the device has a small capacity, this can work to its advantage. Fewer puffs per device mean more opportunities to experiment with different flavors to find what suits you. So, suppose you’re interested in traditional smoking cessation and want a disposable vape that can help you satisfy your nicotine craving and facilitate an easy transition. In that case, a puff bar is a good option. This stylish, discreet, affordable vape is a significant step in smoking cessation. Head to West Coast Vape Supply and get yours.