Puff Bar Disposable Review

The Puff bar disposable is a very popular device in the vaping marketplace. Over a hundred million users make use of disposable vaping devices daily because of their portability, light, and compact. Being exactly what puff bar offers to all vape customers who are tired of maintaining their vape device, charging, or refiling. With a new innovation like the puff bar disposable in the vaping marketplace, users of vape products have entered another level of utilizing a different unique puff bar.

The Puff bar disposable company is known for producing high-quality bars that only requires its users to buy a replacement from any popular store like the Westcoast vape supply when it finishes. With the utilization of different ingredients, Puff bar has produced a lot of e-juice that satisfies vape customers globally such as Banana ice, pineapple lemonade, strawberry, and others.

The puff device comes with different nicotine strengths of 2% (20mg) and 5% (50mg) to satisfy the preference of any customer. Puff bar has always considered its customers when producing new products. With different flavored e-juice, puff bar has taken the lead in the vaping marketplace. They have continued to dominate different vaping markets all over the world.

With a puff device like the puffy bar that is pre-filled, there’s nothing to worry about. With over 300+ guaranteed puffs in one disposable is enough to get your day started. Its portability, compactness, and lightness make it the best choice for anyone.

Products Features

  • Nicotine level: 2% (20mg) and 5% (50mg)
  • Content Package: Puff bar
  • Internal pre-charged battery (puff to activate)

Flavor Description

There are different varieties of flavors to use with the puff bar, whether fruity, menthol or candied flavor, it’s all here for you. These flavors will create an impression that would last for a decade. 

Here is the list of Puff disposable bars:

  • Blue Razz Ice: The blue razz ice juice contains your favorite blueberry flavor with a blend of fresh icy menthol to boost the overall tingling taste experience. Whether you are exhaling or inhaling the blue razz ice e-juice, the ingredient combination creates a smooth taste of berries flavors that will satisfy your taste buds and stimulate your lips with sweetness. Don’t only imagine the taste, have it with blue razz ice combinations.
  • Strawberry: Enjoying a sweet taste of strawberry e-juice from Puff Bar will definitely set your mind ablaze. With the Puff Bar strawberry, you will get an amazing taste of what you can’t get elsewhere. Whether you inhale or exhale as you puff, you will always get the taste of sweet strawberries that will send you craving for more.
  • Pineapple Lemonade: The amazing sweetness of this combination gives this flavor the ability to supersede other pineapple lemonade e-juice. The Puff Bar disposable pineapple lemonade will give you a lip-puckering taste along with the tingling and sweetness of sliced lemons that will brighten your day. The pineapple taste blends the overall combination by proving a calm taste from the sourness of lemonade.
  • Cool Mint: The Cool mint brings the feeling of chewing a mint candy. It comes with a combination of minty flavors to wash your taste buds with sweetness as you inhale and exhale.

With these flavors along with other trending Puff Bar disposable e-juice on popular stores like Westcoastvapesupply you will always be close to your favorite products. The Puff Bar disposable price rate varies from each other for as low as $9.99. So, no matter what your expectations are, puff bar has made it possible with high-quality developments. With a 250mah powering the Puff Bar, there will always be enough power for the device.