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Prolonging Your Coils with Your Sub-ohm Tanks

Vaping is fun but can be complicated for people new to vaping. You will have to learn a few things before you start vaping. However, if you are interested in regular vaping, then things will have to learn would be minimal. However, if you are looking to try sub-ohm vaping, you will have to learn more things. One of the burning questions people have about sub-ohm vaping is how to prolong the life of their coils.

Sub-ohm tanks use coils and wicks that get burnt and changing ever so often. You will know it is time to change your coils when your e-juice starts to taste burnt, or the flavor dies out when you vape. We will focus on some tips that will come in handy when trying to prolong the life span of your coils. WOTOFO has premium sub-ohm tanks.

Watch the wattage

One of the first tips to consider is your wattage. Sub-ohm vaping devices work at a high rate. However, it is essential that vapers have the right wattage setting when sub-ohm vaping. Most manufacturers recommend that the wattage be set at 50-80W. You coils and wicks are likely to get damaged if you have the wrong wattage setting. Setting the wattage too low could have serious consequences. The same goes for setting the wattage at a higher level than what was recommended. And you can make your sub-ohm coils last considerably longer by not taking long hits. Pulling in too strong will produce bigger clouds, but it will also cause your cotton to burn much quicker. Taking slower hits is an ideal way to increase the life span of your coils, cotton, and wicks.

Watch the sweetness of your juice

We know that sweet-tasting things can be addictive. However, if you are trying to extend the life of your sub-ohm vaping coils then, you have to cut down on the sweetness. There are a lot of sweet-tasting vape juice blends on the market. And many of these e-liquids are produced with sweeteners which tend to give it a dark color. Although they make for a fun vaping experience, they also cause much damage to your coils. When the sweetener in your vape juice evaporates, what is left is the gunk that chokes your coils. This gunk leaves a dark layer that slowly fills the cotton and wire of your sub-ohm tank. If you do not change it quickly, this dark layer grows and becomes apparent with every hit you take. This happens because your coils are burning this thick crust when you vape. This can get increasingly unpleasant until it gets to the point of becoming unbearable. At this point, you have no choice but to clean or replace your coil. It is generally advisable to stay away from vape juice blends that are overly sweet.

Always clean

One of the best ways to prolong the life of your sub-ohm coil is to clean the gunk off continually. Although it can be tiring, you want to clean your sub-ohm coils after every vaping session. Things can get out of hand if you let the gunk buildup over time. Most experienced vapers recommend that you use vodka or pure alcohol, preferably pure grain alcohol in cleaning your sub-ohm coils. It is best practice to let your coils soak in pure alcohol for at least 12 hours. In this time the gunk which has been built up over time will get off your cotton and wire.