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Portable Vaporizer Company Making Their Commercial Debut on Popular Airline

Jan 20 (Market Wired) — Organicix, which owns and operates the famous vaporizer brand DaVinci Vaporizers, has released their very first ever portable vaporizer commercial on Virgin American Airlines. It is the first time a portable vaporizer company has had a commercial on any airline. This is a major breakthrough for the vaporizer market and a huge success for industry leader, DaVinci Vaporizer. They hope that this momentum will only keep opening doors for new advertising opportunities. More companies like Virgin America Airlines are starting to recognize this growing new market and are embracing it with open arms. Vaporizer companies like DaVinci Vaporizer are setting a new advertising trend that promotes healthier alternatives to smoking. These aromatherapy devices will help decrease second hand smoke and increase vapor consumption.

DaVinci Vaporizer’s appearance on one of the nation’s leading airlines is a true indication of where this company is heading. DaVinci Vaporizers understands that vaporizers are becoming the next highest grossing trend in America and it will soon be one of the nation’s leading industry. To stay ahead of the trend they have started educating individuals on properly handling their advanced products and vaporization as a whole. By explaining the difference between vaping and smoking, the public will start to see how vaporizing can get rid of the smoking industry for good by making way for healthier alternatives. Devices like the Ascent by DaVinci promote vaping loose leaves herbs like green tea or mint instead of chemically processed tobacco. They even offer their own line of 100% organic essential oil blends for those individuals who live a healthy holistic lifestyle. They are truly creating aromatherapy devices to help change the way people smoke.

The DaVinci Vaporizer commercial debut was all thanks to their supportive partners from the popular blog Boing Boing. This award winning blog has been able to transform from blog to airline network. The Boing Boing Network allows viewers to get an insight on the intellectual minds of some of the companies’ most famous bloggers as well as display events that have been put on by the blog. Boing Boing has helped showcase DaVinci Vaporizers all across the country and further this company’s belief of “Vaping Intelligently”. Now passengers can start learning more about revolutionary devices like the Ascent by DaVinci while enjoying their flight across the nation. The sky won’t be the limit for DaVinci Vaporizer; it’s only the starting point for this popular brand. Their next venture could even take them all the way to the moon.

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