Original and Lemon Granola Ejuice By Yogi Eliquid Review
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Original and Lemon Granola Ejuice By Yogi Eliquid Review

You may or may not have heard about Yogi eliquids before. If you haven’t, this Original and Lemon Granola Ejuice combo will be a great way to get to know how well they make their ejuices. Every Yogi eliquid is crafted, designed, formulated and manufactured in the USA with nothing less than high-quality ingredients. The ejuices are formulated under strict guidelines in an IOS-7 laboratory so you can be sure that you are getting nothing short of a high-quality ejuice. They don’t just make your average cheap vapes. If you go with Yogi eliquid, then you know you are going quality.

Flavor Profile

You probably never thought Granola bar would be this good until you give any one of these ejuice flavors a shot. The Original granola ejuice features the flavor of fresh vanilla bean strands dipped into a bath of golden honey. The Lemon Granola ejuice features a honey-dipped granola bar and combines that with the taste of zesty lemons. That savory nutty taste of the oats balances out the sharp lemons perfectly, creating a unison that your taste buds will be thanking you for. Original and Lemon Granola Ejuice By Yogi Eliquid Review

On both the inhale and exhale, your taste buds will be saturated with the nutty perfection from both of these ejuice flavors. There is no doubt that you will be coming back for more. 

Flavor and Vapor Production 

Both the Original and Lemon Granola ejuices come with a base ratio of 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG). If you have any experience vaping, you know that these two ingredients are responsible for the overall flavor and vapor output, even the smoothness of your throat hits. 

The high percentage of VG puts these ejuices under the high VG category. This just means that the ejuices will be suitable for you to use with your sub-ohm tank or RDA, in addition to some of your pod devices. Also, since VG is responsible for vapor production, it means that you should expect to practice some insane cloud tricks from any one of these two ejuices. 

Several ejuices on the market have just the same percentage of PG in the mixture. One reason is that some people find that they are allergic to PG and so if it is in higher concentrations, they may have a bad experience vaping that particular ejuice. Even at 30 percent, you will still be enjoying bold flavor production and smooth throat hits even from high concentrations of nicotine. 

Nicotine Concentration

Since every vaper would rather vape at their preference, Yogi created both of these ejuice flavors in varying nicotine strengths. If you do not want to vape any nicotine, a 0mg bottle will do justice. If you are more of a mild throat hit kind of guy, a 3mg bottle will be ideal. If you are in it for the nicotine, you can go ahead and get a 6mg bottle to satisfy your nicotine cravings to the max. Original and Lemon Granola Ejuice By Yogi Eliquid Review

You don’t have to worry about harsh throat hits, thanks to the high-quality nicotine and the PG used in the ejuice mixture, it’ll be smooth sailing until you are done with the entire bottle.


The first thing on your mind is probably how much these two exotic ejuice flavors will be going for. If they are just as good, they should go for some big bucks. Well, that’s where you just might be wrong, and it is all thanks to the affordable prices at Ejuice Deals. Rather than getting both for $28.99, you can get the Original and Lemon Granola Ejuice By Yogi Eliquid for just $19.99. This means you get to save 31% off and still get to vape 120ml of premium ejuice.


You probably have never tasted granola bar like this before. You are getting two delicious ejuices at a price that will make your wallet smile. In other words, they are worth every penny, and once you take a drag, you will be saying so yourself.