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Mechanical Mods: E-Cigs for Master Vapers

Vaping is a multi-level endeavor that gets better and better every year. For flexibility and innovation, nothing can beat the electronic cigarette’s possibilities. Individual vapers and the vaping community, overall, create their own atmosphere of inventiveness that is virtually powered by the act of vaping itself – and fueled, shall we say, by creative e-liquid juices.

Mechanical mod e-cigarettes were developed for the Master Level vaper. Although no formal agreement or protocol catogerizes vapers into levels that lead up to “master vaping,” the length of a vaper’s experience with vapor smokes is itself the basic foundation for mastery in the art of vaping.

For regular cigarette smokers or ex-smokers, this fact tends to confuse, because many take to vaping like they did cigarettes – unthinkingly and without much need for technical knowledge. Rather like being knowlegeable or ignorant about connectivity, this tends to separate the rabbits from the sheep, if I remember the metaphor correctly.

Ex-smokers who tend to keep their old habits from their cigarette smoking days are rabbits, while the sheep who truly (and comfortably) belong to the fold are those who have taken vaping as an activity unconnected to old tobacco concerns. (Vapor Digest considers the true conversion of ex-smokers into vaping connoisseurs one of its primary missions.)

So here we have mechanical mods, e-cigs which differ from the variable voltage or rebuildable atomizer e-cigs that occupy the majority of vapers. What makes mechs a level better than these, you might ask. Well, for one, it is like unaided rock climbing, for those real adventurers who train like Olympians in the quest for the most memorable “extreme” experiences. Mechs require more discipline and, overall, real technical knowledge of e-cigs and the stuff they’re made of.

They come in custom types: bottom-feeders, modular, or all-in-one mechs are some examples. The thing that distinguishes them are their unregulated mechanics – like mustangs caught in the wild, the vaper must break them in, gently and carefully. That’s why they are not for novice vapers, or even intermediate smokers who are not that experienced. But when you do learn to handle mechs, you’ll be in for a fantastic smoking experience – not only are mechs consciously stylish and high-tech, they offer loads of features that offer the best flavors and vapor for the vaping community.