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Lava Flow Nic Salt E-Liquid by Naked 100 Review

Like lava oozes during a volcanic eruption, so does tropical goodness flow from Naked 100’s Lava Flow nic salt e-liquid. This vape juice is a blend of three popular tropical fruits. Prepare your taste buds for some thrilling vaping experience..

About Naked 100

Naked 100 is a top vaping brand with a massive collection of premium e-liquids. The brand was launched in 2014 and has released several timeless flavors.

Product description


Naked 100’s Lava Flow nic salt e-liquid will awaken your taste buds immediately. On the inhale, a dominating strawberry flavor takes over with some hints of tart pineapple. A creamy tropical coconut flavor complements this as you exhale, completing the refreshing treat.

Bottle capacity and nicotine strength

Lava Flow nic salt comes in a 10ml bottle. This is enough capacity to guarantee you a minimum of 1000 puffs, regardless of your vaping frequency or the length of your draws. You can get this e-juice in 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg nicotine.

PG/VG ratio and compatible devices

The vape juice contains nicotine, natural flavoring, and a base ratio of  50%PG and 50%VG. The e-liquid’s viscosity is ideal for use with low wattage devices like pod systems.


Lava Flow nic salt e-juice is a must-try. We recommend adding it to your e-juice collection. Not only is it delicious, but it offers an exceptional experience.

Where to buy the Lava Flow nic salt e-liquid

You can get a bottle of Naked 100’s Lava Flow nic salt at the Vape Green online store for £4.99. This is the best price on the market, and if you find anything lower, Vape Green guarantees a price match guarantee. Visit the store today and look through a wide range of products such as disposables, e-liquids, starter kits, tanks, mods, coils, pods, batteries, and vaping accessories. The store also offers same-day shipping for orders made before 3 pm and free shipping for orders above £20.