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Is it Legal for Vapers in the EU to Make DIY Vape Liquids?

The Tobacco Products Derivative 2014 (TPD) has shaped the development of the vaping industry in the European Union (EU). The TPD rules are designed to introduce a standard of safety and quality in the vaping industry. Also, it was designed to ensure customers have all the right information when buying vaping products as well as to prevent children from developing an interest in vaping.

As of 2016/2017, every country in the EU had started enforcing the TPD regulations. The TPD rules are broad. However, they mainly pertain to tank size and labeling, bottle size, nicotine strength as well as the packaging design.

In the UK, TPD regulations state that:
1. Vape tanks must have a maximum capacity of 2ml.
2. E-juice bottles must have a maximum capacity of 10ml.
3. E-liquids must have a maximum nicotine concentration level of 20mg/ml.
4. E-juice bottles must have nicotine warning labels as well as information leaflets.
5. Certain ingredients like caffeine, taurine, and coloring cannot be added to vape liquids.

Manufacturers of vaping products have since redesigned their products to meet these regulations. This means you will not find e-liquids in bottles bigger than 10ml or with more than 20mg/ml of nicotine. While these rules are meant to protect vapers, they can be restrictive. This is why DIY vape liquids may be the best option for vapers in the UK. If you make your own e-liquid, UK TPD laws still apply to you. However, since you are not selling the e-juice blends, you can experiment with different nicotine levels as you make vape liquids in the comfort of your home.

You will readily find supplies to make e-liquids in the UK and other parts of the EU. This includes vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine. The best part of making your own e-juice is that you can create exactly what you want. For example, if you make an e-juice with a low nicotine level and you want to improve the nic buzz and throat hit, you can increase the nicotine level by adding nicotine shots.

When sourcing the ingredients for your DIY e-juice, you must ensure you buy from companies that adhere to TPD regulations. As a result of this, companies only sell nicotine with a maximum concentration level of 20mg. As indicated above, one way to get around this when carrying out your DIY experiments is to add nicotine shots to your vape juice. Even if you are not into DIY e-liquids, you can buy short-fill vape e-juice and mix in nicotine shots to get your desired nicotine strength level.

As far as flavoring is concerned, you must check that the flavor concentrate that you buy is TPD compliant. Essentially, the flavor concentrates must not contain any of the outlawed ingredients. Flavorah is one of the brands that follow TPD regulations when making its flavor concentrates. The company’s flavors are made with food-grade ingredients and do not contain any banned ingredients. EU-based e-juice manufacturers can contact Flavorah for information to file for a TPD certification.