8 Brands with the Best Selection of DIY E-Liquid Flavor Concentrates

With the vape market filled with thousands of vape products from so many e-liquid brands getting the best DIY e-liquid flavour concentrate has become a hard task. Have you ever tried to do an online search for the best e-liquid flavor suppliers or brands and you got overwhelmed by the search results? Well, this is the reason that made us drill the data and filter out the top companies that host a wide selection of the best DIY e-liquid flavor concentrates.


Capella e-juice flavors are very popular among mixers for providing the best e-liquid flavor concentrates for DIY e-juice. These flavors do not contain any nicotine. However, mixers can manipulate the vape juice using nicotine to create vape juice.

There is nothing that says “sweet vaping” like e-juice from Capella. Capella brand range consists of some of the high-rated and popular flavor concentrates. These concentrates include:

  • Capella Banana
  • Capella Apple Pie version 1
  • Capella Bavarian Cream
  • Capella Apricot
  • Capella Butter Cream


This Polish flavor concentrate manufacturer provides top quality flavor concentrates that differentiate themselves from their competition. Inawera is popularly known for using a unique flavor palette, particularly for its tobacco flavorings.

The following are some of the best flavors concentrates from Inawera:

  • Inawera Shisha Raspberry
  • Inawera Milk Chocolate
  • Inawera Shisha Vanilla
  • Inawera Shisha Strawberry


Flavorah is a highly recommended and best-rated food-grade flavoring brand. Since its entrance into the e-liquid vaping market, the company has continued to deliver the best e-liquid flavor concentrates for DIY e-juice. Some of Flavorah concentrates’ main highlights include:

  • Nicotine free
  • Tobacco-free

Require additional processing before you use it

The following are some of the popular concentrates at

  • Flavorah Butterscotch
  • Flavorah Black Cherry
  • Flavorah Bing Cherry
  • Flavorah Blueberry Muffin


FlavourArt continues to rise in the Vape industry as a key player in creation of e-liquid flavors. The FlavourArt brand is also popular for its delicious flavors and e-juices. Some of the delicious FlavorArt flavors include:

  • FlavorArt Cream Fresh
  • FlavorArt Mango
  • FlavorArt Licorise Plus
  • FlavorArt Kiwi
  • FlavorArt Marshmallow

The Flavor Apprentice

The Flavor Apprentice is a division of the popular The Perfumers Apprentice (TPA). It delivers high-quality DIY flavor concentrates in the vaping market. The identity of The Flavor Apprentice stems from trust the company has gained from its global customers who have used TFA concentrates to create their DIY e-liquids.

The following are some of the top flavors from The Flavor Apprentice:

  • TFA Banana Cream
  • TFA Apple
  • TFA Banana Nut Bread
  • TFA Absinthe 2
  • TFA Tart Green Apple

Flavor West

Flavor West specializes in providing a wide selection of artificial flavoring oil extracts for tobacco and candy use. As a big flavoring brand and a flavor west e-liquid manufacturer, the company offers various flavors including:

  1. Flavor West Big Stick
  2. Flavor West Apple Jacks
  3. Flavor West Banana
  4. Flavor West Birthday Cake
  5. Flavor West Bavarian Cream

Jungle Flavors

Jungle Flavors hosts an amazing collection of unique e-juice liquids. The company also has a wide range of e-liquid concentrates for DIY e-juice. Jungle Flavors amazing e-liquid concentrates include:

  • Jungle Flavors Mint
  • Jungle Flavors Apple
  • Jungle Flavors Hazelnut
  • Jungle Flavors Espresso
  • Jungle Flavors American Blend Tobacco

Real Flavors

Real Flavors is an FDA certified laboratory that has a large list of natural extracts, super concentrates, flavors, water-soluble flavors, and oil-soluble flavors.

Some of the mouth-watering and delicious Real Flavors e-liquid concentrates include:

  • Real Flavors Apple Crumble
  • Real Flavors Butterscotch Pudding
  • Real Flavors Baja Soda
  • Real Flavors Aged Bourbon cream
  • Real Flavors Blue Raz Cotton Candy

These are the best-rated and highly recommended DIY e-liquid flavor concentrates companies. Did we miss out on any other company? Let us know in the comment section below.